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TruComfort® II Seat and Back Support

TruComfort® II

TruComfort® II
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This ergonomically designed seat and back support system is compact and lightweight. Perfectly suited for use in car, office and for traveling.

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The ergonomically designed TruComfort® Seat and Back Support System can help to:

  • Relieve back pain caused by sitting with poor posture.
  • Reduce the recurrence of such discomfort.
  • Strengthen the user's back muscles.
  • Reduce sitting fatigue.
  • Provide a firm seat to properly support the pelvis.
  • Provide a back that guides the user to align the head, neck and spine in order to carry the weight of the upper body down through the skeletal structure to the firm foundation of the well-supported pelvis.
  • Provide this combination of support and guidance to reduce the stress and pain that result from poor sitting habits.
  • Develop increased awareness of sitting habits, leading to corrective action which promotes both short-term and long-term back health.
  • The perfect guide to help you sit with True Comfort!

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The TruComfort® II includes an adjustable LUMBAR SUPPORT. This lumbar support:

  • Is specifically designed to relieve lower back pain. It features adjustable depth, height and placement to fit individual users.
  • Is indented in the center, to limit direct pressure on the spine.
  • Limits support to muscles adjacent to the spine, so as not to interfere with (i.e.:potentially weaken) muscles all the way across the back.
  • Is easily removable when no longer necessary.

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TruComfort® Product Detail


Same as the The TruComfort® II but does not include the lumbar support attachment.

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See It In Action

Watch how this innovative seat and back support can dramatically reduce your discomfort and guide you to sit correctly.

Why select a TruComfort® back and seat support?

  • To alleviate lower back pain
  • To reduce sitting fatigue
  • To prevent back pain from recurring
  • To strengthen back muscles
  • To improve posture
  • To just plain feel better

Who uses TruComfort® back and seat supports?

  • Back pain sufferers
  • Drivers of cars, trucks, & buses
  • Office workers
  • Frequent travellers (air, bus, train)
  • Computer users
  • Theater & restaurant patrons
Thomas Lemens - Creator of the TruComfort