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Ergonomic Seat - Good Posture Matters

The right alignment leads to improved health.  The image of good posture is commonly associated with women walking straight balancing books on their heads or soldiers standing or walking stiffly.  Good posture does not have to be rigid and unnatural; on the contrary, it is the pose of good health; dynamism, and strength.

Good posture is the active awareness of how gravity works on your body, thus, as much as your body moves and changes along the day, so should your posture.

Most individuals who complain from lower back, neck, or shoulder pain are surely into poor postures during the day.  Sitting round-backed all day long in front of a computer will definitely cause the head to oscillate forward and the lower back to collapse, putting all the weight on the tail bone.  An ergonomic seat may be the answer for people whose work demands long sitting hours and need help to educate their bodies to sit straight.  While standing, many tend to round the back too or stand misaligned, like with one leg bended and the other straight.  These very usual and poor posture behaviors have serious health consequences.

In case you have ever wondered, posture does matter.  If you suffer from low-energy levels, get sick often, suffer from headaches, digestive problems, or feel less nimble than before, poor posture may just be the cause.      

Good posture implies the body is correctly aligned to engage the muscles in the kind of work they are designed to perform, while poor posture impedes proper movement, making the muscles work harder.  Let's say the head is not set right on top of the neck and spine but is oscillating over the chest, in this case, the neck's back muscles must contract to hold it, obstructing circulation and making it hard for oxygen and nutrients to move through the body.  Stiff muscles do not welcome hydration and energy, transforming tissues into hard and fibrous elements.  In the long run, muscles misalign the bones, causing health problems and pain.

This means, poor posture may cause muscular stress and weariness, inducing poor circulation, weak immunity and lymph flow, which in return diminishes energy, encourages illness, headaches, digestive problems, and stiffness.  Yes, it is all a vicious cycle.

Correcting poor posture is a necessity, and it demands getting rid of the hardening of the muscles that have gotten used to being contracted in order to relax them and get the bones back in place.

There are several posture correcting techniques.  There's the Swedish massage, that stimulates circulation and releases prolonged-held muscles.  The deep tissue massage reawakens the body and cancels some of the hardening in the tissues.  An ergonomic seat forces the spine into its right position, educating the body to hold onto it by releasing the tension.  Exercises like Pilates and stretching, free space in the body for its structure to settle where it belongs, encouraging movement efficiency, balance, and unrestricted moving energy. 

Good posture techniques not only alleviate chronic pain but help individuals gain higher levels of physical and mental well-being.

Desk jobs are champions at causing posture problems.  Sitting non-stop in front of a computer screen is one of the worst punishments you can inflict on your body.  The power of an ergonomic seat strives in its capacity to develop posture habits awareness; inducing corrective action and thus, promoting general health.  The regular use of an ergonomic seat will train the brain to recognize when the body is neglecting good posture so that it can be corrected immediately. 

It is good to know that, even if correct, any sitting posture will eventually become uncomfortable if sustained for too long.  It is fundamental, when having to spend lots of time sitting down, to get up regularly to stretch your body; go get a drink or look out the window, and while standing, balance the weight between your two feet without locking the knees and ankles.

But since many of us must do many activities while sitting down, it is also good to know that an ergonomic seat supports the structure from every angle; it guides the alignment of the head, neck and spine so that the weight travels down through the vertebrae to a well-supported pelvis.  It serves as a constant good posture reminder and as an “automatic” practice.  You won't have to think about aligning you body straight; the ergonomic seat will do it for you and its design will not allow for you to get out of it.

If you wish to experience the best ergonomic seat in the market, check out TruComfort.  It is a compact and lightweight seat and back support system that can be taken with you anywhere to ensure your posture is correct while driving, working, eating, traveling, or reading.

TruComfort is an ergonomic seat designed to relieve and reduce fatigue and back pain caused by sitting incorrectly, while strengthening the back muscles.  It provides firm support for the pelvis and helps balance the weight down the spine.  Most importantly, it is designed to train your back on good posture, making you aware of sitting habits and bringing on corrective action.

Habits are hard to break, this is true for the bad ones and the good ones.  The key is repetition and practice, awareness and routine.  TruComfort's ergonomic seat does just that in relation to posture; if you make a habit out of using it, it will be like getting a silent teacher, a constant supporter to get you through the task of improving your posture and along with it, your health and quality of life.    

Before you confirm it for yourself, read what others have experienced using TruComfort, and let us answer any question on your mind, or clarify any concern that may be worrying you. Contact Us and stop living in pain and unhealthy.

Combining the ergonomic seat with a posture-perfect exercise routine and massage ritual will surely align your body in no time, leaving behind months, maybe years, of pain, discomfort, low energy, headaches, weak immune system and deficient digestion, in very few weeks.  Today can be the first painless day of the rest of your life.