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Car Seat Support: Tips to Improve Ergonomics While Driving

Improving your posture throughout the day while performing any activity, be it walking, standing, sitting or lifting, will have an enhancing effect in your general well-being and quality of life.

The incorrect alignment of your body will impede the normal functioning of its organs, muscles, tendons, and bones.  It will cut circulation, minimize mobility and cause tissue stress, eventually leading to pain and discomfort beyond imagination.

Nowadays, people spend a considerable amount of time driving from one place to the next, so, it is only logical to think that it's important to think about an appropriate car seat to achieve good posture while driving, in order to avoid having health problems caused by such an indispensable activity.  Back pain can really slow you down and damage your routine if you neglect caring for your posture. 

The goal of driving ergonomics is to lessen the risk conditions that may cause injury or illness by adapting your car so that you can drive in a manner that supports the natural flexibility of your body to move and react to physical strain. 

Here are several tips to improve ergonomics while driving.  You can start applying these from the next time you get into your car, and either prevent getting to the point of pain or begin alleviating it immediately.

  1. Remove things from your pockets.  A wallet or keys can put pressure on soft tissues while you sit down, impeding normal circulation or pressing on nerves.
  1. Strategically locate items that you may need during the drive.  From tissues, to sunglasses, to allergy medications, mints or gum, find a place for everything, somewhere close enough to the wheel so that you do not have to reach out for anything while you are driving.  In case you have to reach out, pull over in a safe area; do not risk an accident or injury because of a clumsy movement.
  1. Buckle up.  If, for any reason, the belt strap is uncomfortable, put some soft pipe insulation or foam on the part that is making you uncomfortable, but never, ever, decide to not use the belt strap.  You may also get a shoulder strap cushion at a car accessory store; these are specially designed to protect you from the strap rubbing your skin.
  1. Adjust the mirrors.  Make sure you do not have to strain your neck to look in them.  There are special mirrors designed to improve visibility of blind spots and avoid awkward movements while trying to see.  The same goes for baby supervision; to avoid turning your back all the time to check on your baby, get one of those mirrors that allow you to have full visibility all the time from your normal driving position. 
  1. Set the right back tilt.  The goal is to put as little pressure on the back as possible for the longer period of time possible, and this happens when the seat is at 100- 110 degrees and you are a little reclined.  Your back should be supported completely by the seat back.  However, if your seat can not be reclined, change the upright posture regularly by moving your weight from one side to the other and gently moving your upper body to relax the back.
  1. Check the seat cushion length.  As soon as you sit down in your car, move your tail bone as far back as possible to the seat back.  In this position, you have to be able to easily put your hand between the back of your knee and the front of the seat, otherwise, you require a car seat supports system to move you forward. 
  1. Set the seat pan tilt.  When seated, your knees should be slightly lower than your hips to allow for opening the hip flexors, increased circulation to the back and decreased pressure on the lower back.
  1. Getting in and out of the car.  In large cars that require a high step to get in or out, add a step below the door for support, or move slowly instead of jumping in or out, as this will compress the spine.  Make sure hand straps are always firm and safe to grab.
  1. Safe steering wheel grip.  You must hold the wheel with both hands at all times, loosening one only to shift gears.  Change hand posture regularly to help circulation and reduce tiredness.  These postures must be avoided:

_Death grip.  White knuckles diminish circulation and increase muscle tension.  The grip should always be soft.
_One arm driving.  The wrist rests on the top part of the wheel and the fingers float over it, causing compression of the soft tissue on the wrist and reducing circulation at the neck and shoulder.
_Arms straight out to reach the wheel.  When driving, shoulders must be relaxed and arms close to the sides of your body.
_One arm supported on the window.  This diminishes neck and shoulder circulation and compresses the soft tissue on the arm and wrist.    

  1. Lumbar support.  Always support the lower part of your back.  As a temporary solution, you can roll up a small towel and place it in the curve of your lower back, but you must get an appropriate car seat as soon as possible.  There are lumbar rolls, cylindrical shaped pillows sold at specialized physical therapy stores, however, the best option is to get an ergonomically designed car seat support system like TruComfort.

TruComfort is the best car seat supports system to strengthen you body.  Not only does it relieve and reduce back pain caused by poor posture habits, by providing a firm support for the pelvis through the correct aligning of the head, neck and spine, but it also helps develop awareness of sitting habits, permitting corrective action as soon as poor posture returns.

As soon as you start using this car seat support system, you will stop feeling pain and fatigue, you will feel your muscles strengthening and will feel much better in general, because good posture will permit your organism to work as it was designed to.
The TruComfort car seat support system has beenused and approved by many. Let us help you improve your life and health by becoming another satisfied user of the best car seat support technology in the market.

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