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Sore or stiff necks are certainly no fun – enduring them can turn from a minor irritation to a great source of misery. If you have an uncomfortable ache in your neck, the good news is that a remedy might not be too far away.

We have ten great tips that could have you feeling back to normal in no time!

1. Eat pineapple

It might sound bizarre but pineapple is rich in an enzyme called bromelain. This enzyme has been proven to reduce swelling and aid healing in musculoskeletal injuries.

2. Breathe well

It’s a fact that people tend to accumulate tension in their neck and shoulder areas. To release this tension that could be causing your sore neck, take a deep breath and then lengthen the time you exhale (to a count of seven).

3. Heat helps

Use an electrical heating pad in 20-30 minute sessions to soothe pain and relax any tense neck muscles.

4. Cold relief

If you feel there is inflammation in your neck area, use ice wrapped in a towel or a reusable gel pack cooled in your freezer to bring it down. Place the compress against your skin for 20-30 minutes. Alternate between heat and cold therapy sessions if you feel your sore neck could benefit from both.

5. Pick your pillow

To avoid waking up with a stiff neck, choose a good pillow that will help you sleep with your neck positioned in a healthy alignment. Experts say this could depend on your sleep position preference, e.g., if you sleep on your stomach, a soft thin pillow is best for you.

6. Favor your forearms

If you work at a computer for most of the day, you risk placing stress on your neck and shoulders if your forearms aren’t positioned well and supported as you type at your keyboard. One way to prevent this is to invest in a forearm rest.

7. Fish oil facts

A study has shown that omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil helped inflammation in neck pain sufferers so well that 60% of those undertaking a trial where able to stop using painkillers. Buy a fish oil supplement to have your 1,200 mg recommended daily dose.

8. Physical therapy

If your neck pain is a result of serious injury, consult with your doctor to find out if physical therapy could benefit you. It could help rebuild and strengthen injured or weakened muscles to resolve pain and prevent future pain, too.

9. Anti-inflammatory aids

When a recovering sore neck is an irritation throughout the day, ask your doctor about a good anti-inflammatory drug to buy over the counter. Taking a couple of ibuprofen or aspirin tablets could relieve you of minor pains as your neck heals.

10. Posture and back support

Often a poor posture can be at the root of neck pain or even be an inhibitor of neck strains and injuries being healed. If you wish to place less stress on your neck, or prevent your neck from being weakened, purchase a good posture and back support for your office or home chair. Since it is common to spend long hours sitting during the day, it’s essential that you take care of your neck and spinal health by allowing your body to adopt a healthy posture. A posture and back support is an effective solution for neck and back pain caused by poor posture.

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