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The most frequent activity that people do during the hustle and bustle of the day is sitting. Whether it is at the office, on a bus, or at home, people are not aware of the damage that they cause to their bodies when the posture is not the appropriate one. Bad posture may cause headaches, backaches, dizziness and the like, but few people know this. When consulting a doctor, the solution given could be a pill, exercise, massage, or a vacation. ‘Relax,’ they might say, ‘you are under too much stress, too many hours of hard work.’ But the real reason that your body is suffering is as simple as getting up from your bed. You should begin by changing your bad sitting habits and sitting properly, or your body will suffer the consequences sooner or later.

How exactly does the body suffer when your posture is bad? Headaches appear caused by serious spine-bending, and in some cases, even scoliosis is diagnosed. Those headaches might turn into dizziness, or nausea, which are very dangerous in pregnant women. In order to ease the pain, many people take pain relievers. Naturally, pain relievers stop the pain dead in its tracks, but abusive pill taking might create a drug addiction. Moreover, even though the pain itself is dealt with, the real cause of the pain is not, which is no solution.

Another problem caused by bad posture is backaches. The spine houses most of the central nervous system and the back mirrors the pain. Besides, the muscles stiffen severely deriving in serious back ailments. The nervous system is in appropriate alignment when the posture is good, and the pain will not appear. Sometimes, people do not pay attention to headaches or backaches, and they once again choose to treat the problem with pain relievers. But these drugs just hide the real problem and offer no solution to what’s really causing it.

Moreover, blood circulation is also affected by bad posture. Good posture contributes to adequate blood fluidity which in turn contributes to healthy muscles and joints. Muscles and joints are in constant movement, so when they are still, but under a wrong posture, they tend to get damaged. For instance, sitting with your legs crossed or your pelvic bones on top of a foot seriously harms the circulatory system. This might lead to the appearance of varicose veins, swollen legs, or even gout, provoking, thus, intense pain in muscles and joints.

Changing ordinary habits is very hard, but not impossible. You must understand that keeping your body healthy is important and that good posture could help you save a lot of the money spent on pain relievers, doctors, or alternative therapies.

Nowadays, there are different ergonomic seat designs, which contribute to a healthy body. These chairs help the body stay in good posture constantly and make a habit out of it. So remember, if your body aches, itches, or swells, try checking your posture. This might be the root of your ailments. Take care of your body; you’re stuck with it for the rest of your life.

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