TruComfort - Posture back support - Lumbar back support - Office chair back support - Back seat support


"I recommend your system without reservations to those with chronic back pain — and to those who wish to avoid chronic back pain."
-Dale Mortimer, M.D., P.C. Vancouver, WA
"I was able to drive for hours without my neck being stiff and my back aching - and with good posture."
-Glenn Earl, Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Salt Lake City, UT
"It's the best back support to reinforce body use training."
-Gabrielle Czaja, Physical Therapist, Alexander Technique Teacher Washington, D.C.

Ergonomic seat
and back supports.

Don't let back pain ruin your life!

  • Do you suffer from chronic back pain?
  • Do you have to get up from your desk constantly to relieve discomfort while seated?
  • Does a long car trip in a non ergonomic seat fill you with dread?
  • Do you spend thousands trying to find an answer to stress from sitting
Let TruComfort®'s ergonomically designed back support and seat save you from the pain and suffering of chronic back problems.

How the TruComfort®'s Ergonomic Seat and Back Support Can Change Your Life

  • Posture Correction: Relieve back pain caused by sitting incorrectly.
  • Back Strength: Strengthen your back muscles while you sit.
  • Elimination of Sitting Fatigue: Reduce the chronic fatigue from sitting for long periods.
  • Pelvis Support: Revolutionary seat support gives your pelvis the firm support needed to hold your spine in proper alignment.
  • Spine Support: The back is designed to help you learn to align your head, neck and spine while seated.
  • Increased Awareness: Learn to pay attention to your seated posture and correct poor habits in the car, office, or home.
  • Increased Productivity: By eliminating the stress and pain of poor back support your days will be filled with more productive energy and focus.
Millions of Americans suffer from back pain caused by poorly designed chairs. The ergonomically designed TruComfort® gives you an affordable solution that works on any seat.

This Product is 100% Guaranteed. If You Are Not Completely Satisfied, Just Return it for a Full Refund.
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